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Family litigation is a trial procedure that processes those disputes that fall within the jurisdiction of the family court pursuant to the Family Litigation Act, its Enforcement Rules or other laws among the disputes that involve basic relationships such as marriage, biological children/adoptive children and those involving property, The family litigation deals with disputes surrounding private individuals, and its procedure essentially follows those set forth in the Civil Procedures Act.

Family affairs mediation procedure

This is a procedure instituted to expeditiously and economically resolve disputes through negotiations rather than relying on the outcome of litigation. The mediation is moderated by a mediation committee comprised of the learned and respected members of the society.
Especially in divorce matters, it is the most reasonable procedure that minimizes the impact on the family due to a divorce by first recommending a continuation of marriage through mediation and even in the event of a divorce, by handling the divorce with priorities on minimizing the detrimental effects to the parties and their children.