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Trials - Text Message Notification Service


Text message notification service allows the parties to a lawsuit to be promptly notified of information on trial progress such as designation of hearing date for a civil case on merits, filing of documents, and others, through text messages.

Eligible Cases

Any civil cases on the merits handled in any courts in Republic of Korea (including branches and municipal and martial courts)

Application Procedure

The eligibile individuals are the parties or their agents in a civil case on the merits who have paid the service fee in advance. Application can be made by marking in the application form in the complaint or by submitting "Application for Receiving Information through Mobile Phone.”

Process of Message Transmission

When a trial date is set (including the trial dates that has been changed/cancelled) or when documents has been filed, such information will be inputted in the trial affairs system. Information inputted in the morning hours are transmitted at 12:00 pm and those inputted in the afternoon are transmitted at 7:00 pm.

Payment of Fees

Each message, 17 KRW (Value Added Tax included) is deducted from the service fee balance. (If there is no balance service fee, the text messages will not be transmitted.)

Effects of Text message Notification Service

The text message notification service allows speedy delivery of information such as designation of trial date and filing of documents prior to the actual service thereof. There may be times when one may be out of home and miss the service of designation of trial date, but with the text message notification service, you can receive this information securely.